Black Marble Wedding Cake

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Black marble classic wedding cake

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LED Lightings

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Maximum 10 alphabets

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Maximum 6 words for English, 8 characters for Chinese (chocolate piping)

Total: $320


Ting’s Bakery Black Marble Wedding Cake: Elegance in Every Slice! 🍰

Celebrate your special day with the epitome of sophistication – our Black Marble Wedding Cake. Meticulously crafted to captivate both the eyes and taste buds, this exquisite masterpiece is the perfect centerpiece for your joyous occasion.

🖤 Timeless Elegance: Embrace the allure of timeless elegance with the striking black marble design. Each layer is a canvas of edible art, harmonizing sleek modernity with a touch of classical beauty.

🍰 Rich Chocolate Indulgence: Delight in layers of rich, velvety chocolate goodness that form the foundation of this opulent wedding cake. The decadent chocolate flavor is a celebration of love and indulgence.

💖 Perfect Symbol of Unity: The Black Marble Wedding Cake symbolizes the unity of two souls. Cutting through its layers becomes a momentous act, marking the beginning of a sweet journey together.

🌹 Adorned with Edible Flowers: Elevate the aesthetics with delicately placed edible flowers, adding a touch of romance to this already enchanting creation. Every detail is thoughtfully designed to enhance your wedding day experience.

🎉 Tailored for Your Celebration: Whether you’re hosting an intimate affair or a grand celebration, the Black Marble Wedding Cake is available in various sizes to suit your guest list and make a statement at any wedding reception.

🎁 A Gift to Remember: Surprise the happy couple with a gift that truly stands out. Ting’s Bakery Black Marble Wedding Cake is not just a dessert; it’s a memorable gesture that adds a touch of grandeur to their celebration.

👰🤵 Make Your Wedding Extraordinary: Order Ting’s Bakery Black Marble Wedding Cake and elevate your wedding day with a masterpiece that reflects your unique love story. Let each slice be a testament to the sweetness of your journey together