Blue & White Astronaut Space Theme Cake

Start from $160

Fly me to the moon decorated with astronauts and spaceship toppers and fondant planets!




LED Lightings

Fondant Name

Maximum 10 alphabets

Message On The Cake Board (if any)

Maximum 6 words for English, 8 characters for Chinese (chocolate piping)

Total: $160


  • 🚀 Blue & White Astronaut Space Theme Cake: Embark on an interstellar journey with our captivating space-themed cake!
  • 🌌 Intricate Space Decorations: Featuring stars, planets, and galaxies meticulously crafted to bring the cosmos to life on your dessert table.
  • 🎂 Delicious Layers: Enjoy layers of moist cake infused with celestial flavors that transport you to outer space with every bite.
  • 🪐 Perfect for Space Enthusiasts: Ideal for birthdays, sci-fi parties, or anyone fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.
  • 🎉 Imaginative Design: Each detail reflects the awe-inspiring beauty and wonder of space exploration.
  • 🌟 Memorable Celebration: Create unforgettable moments as you celebrate under the stars and planets.
  • 🛒 Order Now: Bring the wonders of the universe to your next event with our Blue & White Astronaut Space Theme Cake!