Cocomelon Theme Cake

Start from $170

For coco melon characters’ fans




LED Lightings

Fondant Name

Maximum 10 alphabets

Message On The Cake Board (if any)

Maximum 6 words for English, 8 characters for Chinese (chocolate piping)

Total: $170


🎶🎂 Sing Along with Our Coco Melon Theme Cake! 🎂🎶

Bring the joy and melody of Coco Melon to your celebration with our delightful Coco Melon Theme Cake. This isn’t just dessert; it’s a musical journey that promises to add a sweet note to your special occasion.

🌟 Melodic Design: Featuring edible figurines of JJ, YoYo, and other beloved characters from Coco Melon, along with colorful musical notes and instruments, this cake captures the whimsy and charm of the popular children’s series.

🍰 Layers of Sweet Harmony: Each slice reveals layers of moist cake and creamy frosting, offering a taste experience as delightful and harmonious as a Coco Melon sing-along.

🍓 Flavors That Hit the Right Note: Choose from a variety of delicious flavors like Berry Blast, Melon Medley, Sweet Symphony, or customize your own blend for a taste adventure that’ll have you humming with delight.

🌈 Sizes for Every Little Fan: Available Sizes: Small (Serves 6-8), Medium (Serves 10-12), Large (Serves 14-16).

🎨 Customization Options: Personalize your cake with additional Coco Melon-themed decorations or a special message, adding your own touch of musical magic to the celebration.

👧👦 Perfect for Little Melonheads: Whether it’s a birthday bash for a Coco Melon superfan or a playdate with friends, our Coco Melon Theme Cake is sure to strike the right chord and create lasting memories.

👩‍🍳 Expertly Crafted: Handcrafted by our skilled bakers and artists, this cake is meticulously designed to capture the spirit and joy of Coco Melon.

🎉 Limited Edition Melody: Order now and let the musical festivities begin with our Coco Melon Theme Cake! It’s time to sing, dance, and celebrate! 🎶🎉