Cow Theme Pinata Knock Knock / Bombshell Cake

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Cow theme knock knock cake filled with chocolates and candies




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LED Lightings

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Maximum 6 words for English, 8 characters for Chinese

Total: $150


🐄🎂 Cow Theme Piñata Knock-Knock Bombshell Cake by Ting’s Bakery: A Moo-velous Surprise! 🎂🐄

Add a whimsical twist to your celebration with our Cow Theme Piñata Knock-Knock Bombshell Cake – a delightful creation that brings a touch of farmyard charm and a burst of delightful surprises!

🍰 Farm-Fresh Delights: Immerse yourself in layers of delectable cake and heavenly fillings, capturing the essence of country charm and the sweetness of farm-fresh flavors.

🎉 Piñata Fun: Elevate your celebration with the knock-knock reveal! Each tap unleashes a cascade of sweet surprises, transforming your cake into an interactive masterpiece filled with the joy of a farmyard adventure.

🐮 Bovine Beauty: Adorned with adorable cow-themed designs, this cake is a visual delight that captures the charm and endearing nature of these gentle creatures. Perfect for birthdays, farm-themed parties, or any event that calls for a touch of rustic elegance.

🌟 Customizable Creativity: Personalize your cake with themed designs or add a special message, ensuring your Cow Theme Piñata Cake is as unique and imaginative as your celebration.

🚚 Effortless Delivery: Ordering is a breeze, and our reliable delivery ensures your Cow Theme Piñata Cake arrives fresh and ready to bring a moo-velous surprise to your event.

Make your celebration a delightful journey to the farm with Ting’s Bakery. Order the Cow Theme Piñata Knock-Knock Bombshell Cake and turn your event into a fun and charming farmyard adventure! 🐄🎂🌾