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Basic package Available :-

  • 1 tier 8 inch (1 kg) cake (can top up for more sizes or additional tier)
  • 3 choices of desserts (assorted cupcakes, fruits tarts, nutella tarts, pineapple tarts, butter cookies, fudge brownies, eclairs, sliced cheesecakes,  muffins, marshmallows)
  • Decoration setup according to theme
  • 2m balloon garland
  • Tulle fabric backdrop with fairy light and calligraphy name cutout (can top up for banner or mounting board backdrop)
  • Table for rent (can top up for plinth)
  • 2 huge standees for rent
  • Cake and desserts stand, table decorations for rent
  • Delivery, setup and tear down services

Hosting a Frozen-themed birthday party is an exceptional idea for several compelling reasons:

  1. Timeless Appeal: ❄️ Frozen has achieved a timeless status, captivating audiences of all ages. The theme brings together iconic characters, a compelling storyline, and a magical world, making it universally loved and appreciated.
  2. Endless Creativity: ❄️ The Frozen universe provides a rich canvas for creativity. From décor to costumes, there’s a wealth of elements to inspire a visually stunning and imaginative celebration. The wintry landscapes, royal motifs, and enchanting characters offer endless possibilities for unique and personalized party elements.
  3. Broad Age Appeal: ❄️ Whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday or an adult’s, Frozen transcends age barriers. The theme has a broad appeal, making it suitable for a diverse guest list. The charm of Frozen resonates with both young children who adore the characters and adults who appreciate the story’s deeper themes.
  4. Interactive Activities: ❄️ A Frozen-themed party allows for engaging and interactive activities. From Frozen-themed games and crafts to karaoke sessions featuring the movie’s iconic songs, there are numerous ways to keep guests entertained and immersed in the theme.
  5. Music Everyone Knows: ❄️ The soundtrack of Frozen, especially the hit song “Let It Go,” is instantly recognizable and loved by many. Incorporating these songs into the party adds a festive and familiar atmosphere, creating a soundtrack that everyone can enjoy.
  6. Opportunities for Character Costumes: ❄️ Guests can have fun dressing up as their favorite characters from Frozen, adding an extra layer of excitement and participation to the celebration. This also provides excellent photo opportunities, creating lasting memories for both the celebrant and the guests.

In summary, a Frozen-themed birthday party is an excellent idea because it combines a universally beloved theme with limitless creative possibilities, appeals to a wide age range, and provides a magical and memorable experience for all attendees.