Spiderman Drip Cake

Start from $140

For spiderman fans




LED Lightings

Fondant Name

Maximum 10 alphabets

Message On The Cake Board (if any)

Maximum 6 words for English, 8 characters for Chinese (chocolate piping)

Total: $140


Step into a world of delicious excitement with Ting’s Bakery Spiderman Drip Cake! 🕷️🎂 Meticulously crafted and bursting with creativity, this delectable cake features the iconic Spiderman in a delightful edible masterpiece. Perfect for birthdays, themed parties, or any special occasion that deserves a superhero touch.

Our Spiderman Drip Cake, available in a range of flavors including classic vanilla and rich chocolate, promises a delightful taste experience that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Each cake is adorned with an edible Spiderman design, capturing the essence of the superhero’s spirit.

Make your celebration extraordinary with Ting’s Bakery Spiderman Drip Cake – a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds! Personalize your order to add a unique touch, and explore our extensive collection of custom cakes, including birthday cakes and wedding cakes in Singapore, to elevate your event. Order now and let Spiderman swing into action at your festivities! 🎉🍰💍✨