Teddy Bear 3D Cake

Start from $250

For teddy bear fans



LED Lightings

Fondant Name

Maximum 10 alphabets

Message On The Cake Board (if any)

Maximum 6 words for English, 8 characters for Chinese (chocolate piping)

Total: $250


🍰 Unveil the enchantment at your next celebration with Ting’s Bakery Teddy Bear 3D Cake! 🐻🌟 Meticulously crafted and undeniably adorable, this confectionery masterpiece is set to dazzle your senses. Beyond its delightful appearance, savor the richness of our moist and flavorful cake, available in an array of tempting flavors, from classic vanilla to decadent chocolate. 🎂✨

Whether it’s a birthday bash or a baby shower, personalize your moment with a special message or name on the cake. Our Teddy Bear 3D Cake isn’t just dessert; it’s an edible embodiment of joy and celebration.

Don’t just settle for an ordinary treat – make it extraordinary with Ting’s Bakery! Order now and let the sweetness of our Teddy Bear 3D Cake be the star of your festivities! 🎉🍰