Traditional Local Ondeh Ondeh Cake

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Fresh pandan sponge cake filled with gula melaka and coated in shredded coconuts

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Total: $90


🌈 Ting’s Bakery Traditional Local Ondeh-Ondeh Cake: A Sweet Symphony of Heritage and Flavor! 🍰

Indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors with our Traditional Local Ondeh-Ondeh Cake, a delightful fusion of nostalgia and culinary excellence.

🍬 Gula Melaka Infusion: Experience the authentic taste of Ondeh-Ondeh with every bite. Our cake features a luscious gula melaka (palm sugar) infusion, creating a sweet and aromatic symphony that pays homage to this beloved local treat.

🍡 Chewy Glutinous Rice Balls: Discover the delightful surprise of chewy glutinous rice balls scattered throughout the cake. Each bite encapsulates the essence of traditional Ondeh-Ondeh, offering a playful and satisfying texture.

🎨 Vibrant Layers of Heritage: Our bakers meticulously layer each slice, presenting a visual masterpiece that mirrors the vibrant culture and heritage behind Ondeh-Ondeh. The cake is a celebration of colors, flavors, and tradition.

🌟 Perfect for Celebrations: Whether it’s a festive occasion or a simple gathering, the Traditional Local Ondeh-Ondeh Cake is a showstopper that adds a touch of local charm to your festivities. Share the joy of this uniquely Singaporean delight with your loved ones.

🌿 Made with Premium Ingredients: Quality is our priority at Ting’s Bakery. We use only the finest ingredients to ensure each slice of our Ondeh-Ondeh Cake is a delectable masterpiece that captures the essence of tradition.

🎊 Elevate Your Dessert Experience: Order Ting’s Bakery Traditional Local Ondeh-Ondeh Cake today and treat yourself to a sweet journey through local flavors. Immerse yourself in the magic of this iconic dessert reimagined with a modern twist. 🎂✨